"Moving quality healthcare products and services across all borders!"

About Us

Medgistix Corporation is a new distributor in the field of In – Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) and Medical Devices Market.  A product of a spin – off from a leading IVD distribution company, Zafire Distributors, Inc. (Zafire). The name was created from an idea to organize a Medical Logistics company, spearheaded by no other than ZAFIRE’s CEO, Ms. Maylene C. del Rosario, thus MEDGISTIX was born.  

Services Offered


Transportation & delivery

Order fulfillment

Finance and A/R management

Product Portfolio

1 . In-Vitro Diagnostic (IVD)

2. Clinical Laboratory Product 

3. Blood Transfusion

4. Medical and Radiology Products

5. Hospital Ancillary Products

6. Cardiovascular Perfusion and Intervention

Our Strengths

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Experienced managers and ground level personnel with proven track record in the distribution and logistics of Diagnostics and Medical Device Market.

Recognized expertise in government tenders and private transactions

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Broad Market Reach

Presence and experience in leading government and private hospitals, free standing laboratories and clinics.

Maintains close business relations with relevant departments, medical institutions and healthcare providers

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Extensive Coverage

Strategically located warehouses, depots and offices all over the country, supported by competent, and highly skilled logistics and supply chain personnel.

Complete and efficient one-stop solution to distribution and supply chain requirements of multinational and local companies.

Our Scope of Operations