UC-3500 Series
Fully Automated Urine Chemistry Analyzer
The new UC-3500 is a fully automated urine chemistry analyzer that offers novel clinical values.
The clinical urine sample is spotted onto each pad of a dedicated test strip within the analyzer. The entire sequence, starting from sample aspiration, to color comparison and final output of the results is fully automated. In addition to the five system parameters, the 11 test strip parameters include microalbumin and creatinine.

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The new CMOS sensor enables the device to effortlessly distinguish abnormal colors between RBCs and hemoglobin. The refractometry measurement method enables accurate results for specific gravity and turbidity.
The fast analyzer is capable of processing 276 samples per hour.

Modular Concept Solution
Modular concept: easy to combine with other members of the UN-Series (UF-4000/5000 and UD-10) to fully automate your urinalysis workflow.
With the introduction of the Urinalysis Work Area Information Management System (U-WAM), Sysmex can improve the workflow efficiency of the new urinalysis series.