L&R - Suprasorb X+PHMB

Suprasorb X+PHMB
Antimicrobial Hydro Balance Wound Dressing
Lohmann & Rauscher
Suprasorb X + PHMB is an antimicrobial wound dressing that acts against a broad spectrum of pathogens, such as MRSA and VRE*. Very rapid and virtually complete release of polyhexanide (PHMB) from the dressing has been demonstrated in vitro within 24 hours.
Depending on the wound status, Suprasorb X + PHMB either donates moisture to the wound or absorbs excess exudate. This creates a moist environment perceived by patients as pleasant and pain-relieving. The material used in Suprasorb X + PHMB allows it to conform readily to any type or depth of wound, making it particularly suitable for awkward parts of the body.

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