L&R - Suprasorb® C

Suprasorb® C
Collagen Wound Dressing
Lohmann & Rauscher
The Suprasorb C Collagen Wound Dressing has a porous structure with highly pronounced capillary activity, allowing absorption of fluid. This physical property allows continuous absorption of exudate, debris (such as necrotic tissue, fibrin slough) and inflammatory proteases and cytokines. This promotes and accelerates formation of granulation tissue. Migration of fibroblasts is induced and collagen synthesis is stimulated. The continuous supply of the defect with high-grade collagen during the granulation phase and at the start of the epithelization phase supports the formation of endogenous collagen fibrils and fibers. The repair of the wound base promotes the necessary proliferation and migration of epidermal cells. This promotes wound healing.

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