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tg® fix
Tubular Net Bandage
Lohmann & Rauscher
In the right position with quick to apply net bandage, the tg fix bandage is a large-mesh, highly elastic tubular net bandage. It can be used for the easy and time-saving retention of any type of wound dressing, as well as for applying occlusive films. Because it is so flexible it fits all body contours with no bunching, making it comfortable to wear. This net bandage can apply quickly in every situation.

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Stable net — even at home, the run-proof material prevents the mesh from tearing, so openings can be cut where needed. For wound inspection and dressing pad changes the tubular net bandage generally only needs to be lifted up or tucked back a little. Because it is so flexible, it is well suited for follow-up care at home. Because of its adjustable lengths and sizes, it works well for both large and small extremities, such as the head, torso, hips, underarms, fingers, hands and many more.