Inspital - LD10.02

Dual Head Ceiling Mounted Operating LED Light
LD10.02 Inspital lamp provides good illumination on a flat, narrow, or deep surface in the cavity, despite obstructions such as surgeons’ heads or hands. In order to distinguish true tissue color in a space, the surgical lamp’s Ra CRI color rendering index is 96 which is the perfect rate. Having a CRI index close to 100 is important for the surgeon in order to better recognize the details in the wound area, to recognize tissue colors of arterial and venous vessels more easily. Thanks to its special lamp head design, it has an aerodynamic structure working with positive pressure bacterial ventilation and laminar flow (linear flow rate) system used in operating rooms. The turbulence created by the lamp in the surgical environment is less than 29%. The head size is designed as 670mm in order not to affect the laminar air flow.

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