Negative Pressure Therapy
L&R - Suprasorb® CNP P3 Therapy Unit

Suprasorb® CNP P3 Therapy Unit
Intuitive. Time-saving. Reliable.

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L&R - Suprasorb® CNP Deep Drain

Suprasorb® CNP Deep Drain
The new special solution for reaching deep into wounds

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L&R - Suprasorb® Drainage Film

Suprasorb® Drainage Film
High-tech solution. For the abdoneman. For extremities.

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L&R - Suprasorb® CNP EasyDress

Suprasorb® CNP EasyDress
3D innovation for negative pressure therapy on the extremities

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L&R - Suprasorb® CNP EasyDress Fixateur Externe

Suprasorb® CNP EasyDress Fixateur Externe
For negative pressure therapy on extremities with external fixator

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L&R - Suprasorb® CNP Wound Foams

Suprasorb® CNP Wound Foams
Treatment of large wound volumes with different shapes and sizes in a short period of time

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L&R - Raucodrape Surgical Incise Drape

Raucodrape Surgical Incise Drape 
Used to cover the incision area during surgical procedures
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