Only vacuum tube with screw thread and safety twist cap which ensures safety for the patient, phlebotomist and sample.
The innovative VACUETTE® Blood Collection Tubes made out of virtually unbreakable PET plastic have set the standard on today‘s market. They provide improved safety and hygiene during specimen collection procedures with the advantage of being as clear as glass.

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Vacuette EDTA Tubes
1. Vacuette EDTA Tubes:
VACUETTEⓇ EDTA Tubes are used for testing whole blood in the clinical laboratory.
VACUETTEⓇ EDTA K2 Tubes are used for testing whole blood in molecular diagnostics.
VACUETTE EDTA K2/Gel Tubes are used for testing plasma in molecular diagnostics and viral load detection.
  • The inner wall of VACUETTE® EDTA tubes is coated with spray-dried K2EDTA or K3EDTA. 
  • Available in 2, 3 & 4 ml tubes (13x75mm)


Vacuette EDTA Tubes
2. Serum Tubes:
VACUETTE Z Serum Sep Clot Activator tubes improve the serum yield and allow samples to be stored in primary tubes.
VACUETTEⓇ Serum Tubes with Gel contain a barrier gel that is present in the bottom of the tube.

  • VACUETTE® Z Serum Sep Clot Activator tubes contain an inert separator gel on the base of the tube which, after centrifugation, forms a stable barrier between the serum and the blood clot. 
    Available in Red top black ring : 3ml
    Red top w/ gel : 3.5, 4, 5ml (13x75mm) and 6 ml (13x100mm)
    Gold top w/ gel : 4 ml (13x75mm)


Citrated Tubes
3. Citrated Tubes:
VACUETTE® Coagulation tubes contain a buffered tri-sodium citrate-solution. It is available with a citrate concentration of 0.109 mol/l (3.2%) .
  • Sandwich Tube Technology. 

  • There is minimal surface activation in VACUETTE® Sandwich tubes because of the inner tube which is made out of polypropylene, which is the most suitable surface known for coagulation tests.

  • An arrow replaces the previous fill line for an additional visual assistance in recognizing the +/-10% tolerance range. 

  • Available in 1,2, and 3 ml tubes (13x75mm)

Heparin Tubes
4. Heparin Tubes:
VACUETTEⓇ Heparin Tubes are used for plasma determinations of routine clinical chemistry tests.
  • The interior of the tube wall is coated with lithium heparin, ammonium heparin or sodium heparin. 

  • Available in 4ml tubes (13x75mm)

ESR Tubes
5. ESR Tubes:  
Greiner Bio-One is the first manufacturer in the world to offer a virtually unbreakable evacuated plastic ESR tube.
  • The tubes contain 3.2% sodium citrate solution 

  • Available in 2 ml tubes