Tube holder with a safety shield which is activated after blood extraction to reduce needlestick injury  
The safety tube holders of the QUICKSHIELD product family are provided with a mechanism that safely keeps the needle in place after activation and thus protects against needlestick injuries.

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The VACUETTE® QUICKSHIELD Safety Tube Holder from Greiner Bio-One can optionally be used with VACUETTE® Multiple Use Drawing Needles or with VACUETTE® VISIO PLUS Needles. With our VACUETTE® QUICKSHIELD and VACUETTE® QUICKSHIELD Complete PLUS, cannulas are already pre-assembled. The protective shield is attached directly to the holder. By activating the protective shield with one hand or with the help of a stable support surface or the finger or thumb, the product is convincing due to its simple handling with far-reaching protection against needlestick injuries and infection.

Without changing the collection technique, the VACUETTE® QUICKSHIELD Safety Tube Holder offers protection against needlestick injuries. The ergonomic design of the holder offers the fingers a better grip during puncture.
  • No change in the removal technique.

  • More flexibility in terms of user and patient specific requirements due to the rotating protective shield.

  • Activation of the protective shield can be felt as well as heard by an audible "click".