A gentle way to collect small blood samples.
MiniCollect® offers a gentle way to collect small blood samples for a wide range of analyses. The system is perfectly suited for young children, geriatric patients as well as patients with fragile veins.

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MiniCollect® is also recommended in situations where venous blood collection proves particularly difficult or contraindicted. For delicate vein conditions, patients who have to take blood samples very often or people with severe burns, capillary blood collection with the MiniCollect® system offers a great alternative to venous blood collection.

The MiniCollect® tube includes an integrated scoop, allowing droplets of blood to be collected easily and hygienically. The additional use of a capillary or funnel is not necessary anymore.

  • Maximum tube opening for minimum adhesion.
  • wide opening of the tube ensures an efficient blood flow
  • increased diameter facilitates the mixing of the sample
  • minimises adhesion to the wall of the tube
  • Tubes are plastic (PP), non-evacuated, non-sterile low sample volume tubes with defined nominal volumes for achieving correct additive concentrations.  
  • Compatibility with 13x75mm carrier tubes for automation purposes and easier centrifugation of samples
  • Transport-safe caps which are absolutely leak proof and can be transported via pneumatic post or other transport systems without loss of sample material. 
  • Pierceable cap design
  • Has an Integrated scoop allowing droplets of blood to be collected easily and hygienically