• Most powerful wipe in terms of speed of action and kill rate
  • It can kill >99.9999% of spores in 1 minute contact time
  • Clinell Sporicidal Wipes are not everyday wipes and are primarily used against Clostridium difficile but can be used to deal with all outbreaks in a hospital. They can be used on non-invasive medical devices & equipment unlike chlorine solutions.

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  • Dry wipes containing a patented formula which is activated by water to generate peracetic acid.
  • It uses Peracetic Acid which is the safest alternative for chlorine, and is proven to provide better performance against spores which are the most difficult pathogen group to kill
  • The wipes come as 25 sheets in a pack with each wipe consisting of 2 dry wipes stuck together with a range of different powders sandwiched between the 2 dry non woven material. Each wipe size is 21x30cm and consists of absorbent, airlaid, non woven material which is maceratable