Sysmex - XN-9000

6-Part Hematology Analyzer with Immature Granulocytes, Reticulocytes, and Body Fluid Analysis
The XN-9000 hematology systemization series fits any high workload laboratories with different operational needs regardless of size, complexity and specialty. Equipped with cutting-edge functionalities, advanced software algorithm and onboard rules allow for an accurate and efficient analysis of patient samples without compromising turnaround times (TAT).

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The XN-9000 hematology systemization series is a compact integration of system modules consisting of:
        •  CBC analytical module (XN-series),
        •  Slide-making/staining module (SP-10),
        •  Digital cell imaging (DI-60), and
        •  Tube sorting (TS-10) system.
The modularity concept of the XN-9000 hematology systemization series allows new modules to be easily added to an existing configuration to meet the increasing workload of the laboratory. It also affords a linear, L-shaped or U-shaped configuration to accommodate existing building fixtures such as pillars or water supply points without the laboratory undergoing any major renovations. The XN-9000 flexibility and connectivity to all major TLA systems gives it an added advantage. The XN-9000 hematology systemization analytical modules offer diverse investigational applications of advanced clinical parameters such as Ret-He, IPF, IG and NRBC to meet dynamic clinical demands.