Sysmex - XN-1500

6-Part Hematology Analyzer with Automated Slide Maker & Stainer
Innovation as its finest, the XN-1500 is a compact solution combining the leading hematology solution, the XN-series with a brand-new slide making/staining solution, the SP-50, for an all-in-one workstation. Created for laboratories with the moderate workload and a need for simplified and efficient work process, the XN-1500 systemization solution affords enhanced productivity, starting from the CBC analysis to automated slide making and staining.

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The new SP-50 delivers consistent, high-quality smears that provide the morphological quality needed for the best possible microscopic diagnostics. With minimal damage to cell structure thanks to its intelligent wedge smear technique the risk of misclassification is reduced significantly. Flexible settings to address individual samples means the SP-50 is an easy fit and will help you improve your workflow significantly.