Orienter - FA-160

Fully Automated Digital Feces Analyzer
FA160 Fully Automatic Digital Stool Analyzer is a device for batch processing and analysis of stool sample,which vastly increase the doctor's work effeciency,avoid high rate of miss&false test,and the hospital's lab bio safety can also be fully ensured,as well as the test result can be digitalized,stored and transferred in the hospital's PC&LIS/HIS system.

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Product Details
Fully sealed to ensure biosecurity
Sample collection tube full sealed after sampling.
Instrument pipeline full sealed in testing.
Waste sample, waste kit, waste fluid, waste gas sealed in recycle process.
Clear microscopic image & Obvious morphological characteristics
* Optimization of optical system,custom CMOS automatic digital biological microscope.
* Automatic focus and focal length memorizing and automatic obtain high-resolution images.
* Resolution up to 1600*1200,image features easy to be identified.
Complete screening system based on intelligent analysis
* Sample colors and characters photographed clearly and automatic recognition.
* Test results of reagent kit photographed clearly and automatic assist interpretation.
* 8 visible components of microscope test real-time screened automatically(positive cue and negative exclusion),RBC,WBC, phagocytes, pus cells, fungal spores (mycete), Charcot-Leyden crystal, fat globules, parasite eggs.
Automatic analysis of full hosting, stable and reliable system
* Analysis without staff on duty.
* Highly intelligent system.
* Automatic control and alarm.
Self-produced supporting reagent consumables, provide a total solution for stool detection
*  Sample collection tubes supporting instrument
*  Flushing fluid supporting fluid system
*  Self-produced reagent kits supporting instrument
        1) FOB
        2) TF
        3) FOB&TF
        4) RV
        5) ADV
        6) RV&ADV
        7) H.P 
        8) Fecal Calprotectin