Vitalograph - Eco BVF (Bacterial Viral Filter)

Eco BVF (Bacterial Viral Filter)
For Spirometers and Pulmonary Function (PFT) Equipment
The Vitalograph® Eco BVF™ (Bacterial Viral Filter™) range combines independently  validated 99.999%  bacterial and viral cross-contamination efficiency for medical personnel, patients and equipment, with a reduced environmental impact because less plastic used in manufacturing.

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The electrostatically charged barrier filters droplets, aerosols, bacteria and viruses out of the airstream.  When a new BVF is used for every patient the interior of the device is protected so only exterior surface should require cleaning.
The Vitalograph Eco BVF™ range protects patients, medical personnel and equipment from cross infection and contamination during pulmonary function testing.
Kits are available to include Eco BVF, noseclip and bite on mouthpiece combination options. The range also includes an extended ‘Bite-Lip’ design offering a lower cost alternative.
The Vitalograph Eco BVF™ range is suitable for spirometers and PFT systems from many major manufacturers including:
  • Vitalograph
  • Jaeger/CareFusion/Vyaire
  • Micro Medical
  • Medgraphics
  • Medisoft
  • ZAN/nSpire
  • Ganshorn