Vitalograph - AIM

3-Part Hematology Analyzer
The Vitalograph AIM™ assists medical practitioners in identifying the appropriate inhaler type and in training patients to use their inhaler correctly.
Mastery of the correct technique will support more accurate drug delivery in a range of DPI and MDI inhalers and good patient compliance, resulting in better disease management.

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Using a hygienic single-use disposable inhaler simulator, AIM provides clear feedback and information to support correct technique including:
  • Inspiratory acceleration at start of inspiration
  • Timing of firing of MDI
  • Inspiratory flow rate throughout inspiration
  • Inhalation time within target flow range
  • Breath hold time at end of inhalation
  • Inhaler types:
    • MDI
    • DPI
    • Generic
    • DISKUS
    • Ellipta
    • Custom inhaler types are also available.
The AIM is an effective training tool which detects and measures the elements required for correct inhaler technique such as actuation, inspiratory flow rate and breath hold time and compares these with known requirements for effective drug delivery.
The AIM will give either a good, poor or fail indicator, showing which element of the technique caused the problem (if applicable).