Comen - B3

Neonatal Incubator
Motherly care 
We create an environment with temperature, humidity, and oxygen concentration suitable for newborns.

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Stable temperature control system
  • Stable and uniform temperature distribution
    Symmetrical air duct design enables even and stable temperature inside the incubator with minimal fluctuation range, which creates a suitable warm environment for the growth and development of newborns.

  • Efficient insulation
    Dual-layer insulation and vertical automatic air curtain to reduce heat loss and maintain a constant temperature. 

  • Fast preheating
    Adopt variable resistive heating technology and resistive double heating plate to realize fast preheating speed.
  • Safety guarantee
    Triple over-temperature protection to ensure the safety
Safe and efficient humidification system

The world's first incubator with therapeutic functions

    Premature babies often have irregular breathing due to the immature development of their respiratory center. In severe cases, they even have repeated apneas, which is common in newborns. If not treated in time, prolonged oxygen deprivation can lead to brain damage, which has a great impact on the intellectual development of newborns, and in severe cases can cause neonatal death.
Apnea rescue function
This is the world's first infant incubator with therapeutic functions designed specifically for newborns. The newborn's breathing is monitored using an abdominal respiratory sensor. When the newborn has apnea, a buzzer strapped to the baby's feet triggers a vibration that awakens the newborn and helps remove the risk of suffocation.
Accurate monitoring and timely detection
Early detection and treatment
Automatic wake-up
Safer and more secure
Increased efficiency
Reduced workload for medical staff

Make disassembly and cleaning less cumbersome
The B3 infant incubator was designed from the ground up to avoid the risks of hospital infection.

3-step disassembly
Minimal steps among similar equipment, reducing the workload of medical staff
No dead corners for cleaning
No dead corners inside the incubator and the whole air circulation system can be cleaned without removing the heating plate, which greatly reduces the chance of cross-infection.

Focus on medical personnel and care for newborns
Provides medical personnel with user-friendly experience and gives newborns the most meticulous care.  
Touch screen8-inch LED backlit touch screen

Touch panel angle and height all-round adjustable, large font display, convenient for medical personnel to operate and monitor.

Mute damping door
Rotating shock-absorbing design, door drops down gently and quietly without hand grips

Electric mattress tilt
Do away with the time-consuming physical manual adjustment knob
Electric bed tilted by touch screen
Operate with ease and improve efficiency