Sysmex - CS-2400/2500

Fully Automated Coagulation Analyzer
Fully automated hemostasis benchtop analyzer that features advanced technology such as multi-wavelength detection and HIL check. It offers a wide range of assays utilizing four detection methods: clotting, chromogenic, immunological (turbidimetric) and aggregometry.

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Consolidation of routine and specialized testing
   • The CS-2400 and CS-2500 systems automates testing of special parameters such as FXIII activity, platelet-based von Willebrand cofactor activity, platelet aggregation to ADP, epinephrine, collagen, arachidonic acid and ristocetin in a single analyzer.
   • The 1st and 2nd derivatives are available from the clot waveform analysis for research in potential clinical utility of evaluating coagulation function in various bleeding disorders, especially Hemophilia A, B, and monitoring bypass therapy. 

Consistent accuracy and reliability
   • Sysmex’s proprietary multi-wavelength analysis technology automatically uses optimal wavelength for each measurement parameter to reduce the effects of interfering substances on the absorbance spectra, or in specific sample conditions such as low fibrinogen level or severe lipemia to deliver accurate result on every test run.
    • Sample integrity such as the presence of interfering substances in the sample – hemolysis, icterus, lipemia (HIL) and primary tube sample volume is checked before analysis. Results are flagged if the sample is of questionable quality to ensure only reliable results are reported by laboratories.

Advanced usability
   • Intuitive cap-piercing technology on the CS-2500 system allows mix of capped and uncapped tubes and cups on the same rack and reduces sample processing time.
   • Onboard capacity of up to 40 reagents (cooled at 10°C) and five additional buffer positions, accessible reagent table for continuous loading of reagents and consumables and real time monitoring of reagent’s and consumable’s status provide smooth and uninterrupted workflow for laboratories.