Fully automated clinical chemistry analyzer with a throughput of up to 404 tests/hour.
Combining the high efficacy, quality results, user friendly operations and low running costs, the BX- 3010 enables even smaller laboratories to enjoy the benefits of the advanced technology that is seen in a high throughput analyzer.

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1. Accurate Results
• Assures Sample Integrity with a clot detection system
• Dedicated Sample and Reagent Pipettor prevents contamination •Positive Sample Identification
• Comprehensive QC Program
• Maintains Quality of Reagent
• Diagnostic Reagents of Outstanding Quality

2. Convenience at your finger tips
• User-Friendly Operations
• Minimal Maintenance
• Walk-away operations
• Automatic Start-Up and before sleep operations
• Automatic sample dilution, rerun and reflex testing capabilities
• Smart menu-based software

3. Accurate and Convenient HbA1c Testing
• Innovative enzymatic HbA1c assay provides the preferred performance advantages over conventional methods.
• On-board haemolysis saves pre-analytic manual sample preparations
• Unique methodology for measurement of both HbA1c and plasma glucose within the same sample tube reduces the number of samples required