Leukocyte Filter System for Red Blood Cells
Stable, Rapid Filtration of Leukocytes and Microaggregates

IMUGARD III is a leukocyte removal filter system made from biocompatible polyurethane material. Highly porous, this material provides stable filtration of leukocytes and microaggregates.

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Within the filter, patented technology ensures optimal pore size distribution and pore density. Entrapment of leukocytes is achieved mainly by pore size distribution within the filter, with very limited cell-material interaction. The absence of cell or protein activation yields blood products of very high purity.
  • Made from unique microporous polyurethane filter material for biocompatibility 
  • Stable and specific pore size for reliable filtration
  • Average residual leukocyte count below 2 × 105
  • Requires no rinsing
  • Easy to handle
  • Color-coded clamps for easy identification

IMUGARD III-PL for Platelets

The IMUGARD III-PL filter is a hard-housing filter designed to remove leukocytes and microaggregates from platelet preparations. Each filter system is equipped with a spike, clamps and tubing. The filter housing material is semitransparent to make monitoring the filtration process easier.

Available in lab and bedside versions, the IMUGARD III-PL features a bypass line on the lab version to remove air from the transfer bag. The bedside version features a drip chamber and a roller clamp below the filter to adjust flow to the patient.

  • Filters platelet concentrate for volumes equivalent to platelets produced from six Buffy Coats

  • Offers greater than 90 percent platelet recovery