Automated Blood Collection System

Operate your blood center more effectively with only one automated collection platform, the Trima Accel system. Use the Trima Accel system to process more donors and collect more transfusion doses of the components you need ever

  • Plasma
  • Red Blood Cells (RBCs)

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With the Trima Accel System Safety Box
Automatically lets you know which combinations of components donors can safely donate without dropping the donors’ platelet or RBC counts below minimum levels or collecting too much blood volume.

Enables You to Safely: 

  • Collect the most components from each eligible donor

  • Qualify more donors for multiple component procedures

Optimize Procedures, Improve Inventory and Increase Productivity

  • Configure your system to match donor blood types with needed products

  • Get more transfusion doses per donation than whole blood collections

  • Collect more components per day with shorter procedure times

  • Collect all three components in a single needle procedure

  • Collect test-ready leukoreduced platelet and plasma products

How the Trima Accel System Works

  1. Anticoagulated whole blood passes from donor to the centrifuge. 

  2. The whole blood is then separated into components.

  3. Desired components are collected.

  4. Remaining components are returned to the donor.